Below are a few free spots that you can consider that as of the writing of this article are available for weddings. All images are of weddings that we have performed as part of our Wedding Elopement Package in Central Park New York City:

Ladies Pavilion – Near West 76th Street

Ladies Pavilion - Central Park Wedding - New York City

 The Pond – Near East 59th Street

The Pond - Central Park Weddings - New York City

Shakespeare Garden – Near West 80th Street

Shakespeare Garden - Central Park Wedding

Belvedere Plaza – Near West 80th Street

Belvedere Castle Central Park Elopement

Cop Cot Gazebo – Near 59th Street & 5th Avenue

Cop Cot Gazebo- Central park Weddings

Bow Bridge – Near West 72nd Street

Bow Bridge - Central Park Wedding

 Gapstow Bridge – The Pond – Near East 59th Street

Gapstow Bridge - The Pond - Central Park Weddings

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of place you can get married in Central Park. There are many (I mean a lot) of beautiful spots that you can get married on that are just not that popular for one reason of another.  These above mentioned spots are also a bit more transited; if you are looking for more “hidden treasure” areas I invite you to  take a walk around Central Park to plan your big day, or to contact me so we can talk about more suggestions.

Let’s start planning your elopement. Looking forward to marrying you in Central Park.

Even if you are not ready to book yet, we would love to hear from you, send us a message so we can answer any questions you may have.