Central Park Wedding Ceremony Location: Ladies Pavilion

Ladies’ Pavilion is one of the most magical places to get married in Central Park, New York City.  This gazebo stands right next to the lake and is one of the most popular locations of couples from all over the world to get married.  It is beautiful and secluded enough to make any wedding memorable.  Because it’s one of the most popular places to get married, is one of the places that we also recommend the couples to try to obtain a permit, even if it’s not necessary.

Ladies Pavilion is located near the lake on the west side of the park. The closest access point to the pavilion is 77th Street & Central Park West.  Other locations nearby include Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere Castle and Oak Bridge.

Planning ahead:

As mentioned before, this location is quite popular, thus a permit is strongly suggested if planning to get married here.  Also the place is not ideal if your wedding party is more than 10 people because the gazebo can only hold a handful of guests, even though the guests can stand outside easily.

Image Samples:

Below please find different image samples of Ladies Pavilion in various seasons as well as different angles.

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