Blending beautiful the landscape of New York City and the nature of Central Park, Gapstow Bridge a very popular location for small wedding ceremonies, elopements and engagements in Central Park. This location is next to the Pond on the southeastern part of the park.  This location, however is well transited, like any other bridge, so if you are planning to get married on the bridge, you need to be fine with people inviting themselves to wish you the best as they clap when you kiss for the first time as a married couple.

Location:[gmap width=”300px” height=”300″ latitude=”40.7669254″ longitude=”-73.9737939″ zoom=”16″ controls=”true” align=”right”]  Gapstow bridge is located right next to The Pond on the south east part of Central Park.  The closest access point is 60th Street and 5th Avenue.   Other wedding ceremony locations near the bridge include The Pond overlooking Gapstow Bridge, The Dairy, Cop Cot, and the Rock near the Dairy. 

Planning ahead:

This is a very exciting location to get married, but as you get to peak times for visiting you will also get more guests for your wedding.  If you are looking for a more intimate wedding, try weekdays and mornings. Summer is very busy in Central Park but on off-peak months you may find more seclusion.  People passing by the bridge would generally not interrupt your ceremony, but they will stay and watch.  This is not an ideal place for wedding parties with more than 10 people.

Image Samples:

Here are a few images from the pond as well as on top of the bridge: