The next few posts will be dedicated to our frequently asked questions regarding NYC weddings, will start with common questions to the marriage license:

How do you get a marriage license in New York City?

You and your fiancee will need to go in person to the office of the City Clerk in any of the 5 NYC borough. You can do this at least 1-2 days prior to your ceremony date. The reason, once you obtained the license you will have to wait 24 hours to be able to use the license. The license has a expiration date of 60 days after you obtain it.

You can visit the City Clerk’s office website or if you are in NYC you can dial 311 for more information on required documents, addresses and hours of operation.

We are from out of the country, how can we validate the marriage in our country?

In many countries to be able to register your marriage you need to obtain an Apostille before you leave NYC. You will need to contact your local marriage bureau for more information and you could also visit the City Clerk’s office website for more information.

Do we need witnesses for our ceremony?

You do. You need one or two witnesses to be present in your ceremony. If you need a witness and you reserve one of our elopement packages, the photographer will serve as your witness at no extra cost.

How do we get our marriage certificate?

You have two options. If you have no hurry in receiving your certificate, the officiant can return the license on your behalf. The City Clerk’s office will send you the certificate of marriage to the address you gave in your license application within 6-8 weeks. If you haven’t received the certificate you will need to contact the City Clerk’s office where you obtain your marriage license to inquire about the status of your certificate.

The second option is to ask the officiant to give you the signed license once the ceremony is done. You then can return the license to the same office where you obtained it to receive your certificate or inquire about international use of your certificate.

What about New Jersey marriage licenses?

You and your fiancee will need to contact your City Hall, borough or town office for information on marriage license in your local town, city or borough for required documents, addresses and hours of operation. There is a required statewide rule of waiting 72 hours to be able to use your marriage license and 30 days expiration date to use it.

Can we use our state license for my wedding in Central Park?

Unfortunately that is not allowed in New York. Any marriage licenses obtained out-of-state are not valid. You will need a marriage license from NYC to be able to get marry.